About Me

I’m an aspiring author with an MFA in Creative Writing, who works full-time and writes at night (and on the weekends). No, I don’t have an agent or a book deal yet. And, yes, sometimes I find myself wondering what it is i’m doing with my life. But, overall, my passion for writing keeps me going.

About In That Life

This website is mostly just a way for me to share some of my post-grad experiences (the good, the bad, and, hopefully, the amazing) with you. But, there’s a chance that I might end up talking about non-writing related topics, too.

Whether you’re thinking about getting an MFA in Creative Writing and aren’t quite sure if it’s worth it, you also went through an MFA program and had the exact same–or a completely different!–kind of experience, or you’re just browsing randomly online…

Welcome to my site! I hope that you enjoy what you read.

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